Evelyn (cottncandygloss) wrote in poison_graphix,


Hey I'm new. and here's my request ^.^

Can anybody take this picture and add text 'evelyn'on the top and 'cottncandygloss' on the bottom. Make the font, color and animation same as my current icon but change the color when it's moving from pink to baby blue.

I will surely credit and thanks in advance! ^.^
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i'll do it! if i still have animation shop!!
okie thanks! ^.^
no problemo!
would have done the entire cottncandygloss in animation but then it would be too big for an icon \=

thank you!
sorry i couldn't do it, hunny, but i'm glad someone else did!
Thanks anyway! ^.^
hope ya don't mind. i was bored. aren't you also like mod of disturbed_designs or whatever?
I'm not, but perfectpoison is the mod of distrbd_designs.