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Because this is going to sound really dumb I'm going to cut it XD

I literally know jack shit about layouts - my current one came from me pissing about with overrides when I was bored. Because of this total lack of knowledge I have no idea what I want it to look like X3 All I know is I need a new one. Will you guys help??

BG picture: Anything with Mike and Chester on. If you think it looks cool or whatever, then use that. If you can get a slashified one, that's even better.
Colour: Whatever goes well with the picture you find. This goes for link colour too (see how open minded I am @_@)
Font: verdana, 8pt
Style: Again, whatever fits well with the picture.
Lyrics: In the end, it doesn't even matter
Comment link: Walk me to the edge | 1 gave in
Link hover: Strike through
Link curser: help

That's pretty much it. If there's anything you cant do or need to know just leave a comment. Hope you can help!

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