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Poison Graphix (Linkin Park & Misc. Graphics)
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Welcome to the community. I have a few basic ground rules, laid out here:

*Entries must pertain in some way to graphics, whether it be a request, or partaking in the sharing action :)

*Any icons/graphics over 3 being posted must be put under an lj-cut.

*There will be no bashing! If you don't like what people post here, I suggest you leave. Remember, it was your choice to join, and you have no right to criticize!

*There will be no graphic stealing. Give credit to the creator of any work posted here, unless that person states otherwise. I, thousand_nights, ask that anyone who uses my icons or graphics credits me in the picture keywords or userinfo. I work very hard on my graphics, and credit is all that I ask. :) If I find out anyone has been using/distributing graphics without proper credit or permission, I will remove you from the community after good warning.

*I usually leave general graphic rules to the graphic creators, so it's up to them what they want done with their creations.

Now, I'm not all bitchy, I just felt I needed to state some of the above in the rare instance there's some assholes out there who have no respect for personal creativity.

I encourage all of you to post whatever you come up with! You all are awesome creative people, and you deserve credit and a little ego boost every now and then. :P Please tell your friends about this community so that I can get it to grow.

Any or all of the interests below would be awesome to use for graphics/icons. I would love to have icons of the interests I have listed!

~Don't know how to upload graphics?~
*Find a site that will let you upload pictures. (I strongly suggest Photo Bucket. They're awesome, cause they give you the HTML tag for the image, and all you have to do is copy and paste it.) Set up an account with them, and upload whatever pics you're going to use.
*Copy and paste the image tag (if you use Photo Bucket) into your entry.
*Use an lj-cut (see above) to hide the rest of your images if you have a lot.

Community creator/manager: thousand_nightsthousand_nights

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